Supply of Thermal Oil Heater (7 sets) for rental to Pertamina EP CPP Gundih


On April 9, 2020, there was a fire in Pertamina EP Plant in CPP Gundih, Cepu, East Java. To recovery the plant Pertamina should repair their TOX (Thermal Oxidizer) systems and it takes long time to fabricate, ship including the customs clearance with the master list facility that Pertamina EP have.

SANTI together with their partner, PT. Alpha Omega, East Java, cooperate with Pertamina EP Asset 4 Engineering supply the 7 Unit of TOH for temporarily used by the plant.

The 6 month Rental Contract was issued to SANTI for operating of 7 sets TOH including the:

– Installation

– Comissioning

– Start UP

– Shelter

– Operation Staffs

– HSE Staffs

– Engineering maintenance

– Spare Sparts

The 7 TOH is located in CPP Gundih Plant, around 400 mtr2. Total operation staffs are around 15 people.
This is the very quick delivery of Thermal Oil Heather Fabrication (3.5 months with installation).
As a result the Plant were operated in end of October 2020 which is supplied to the Government Electric Company (PLN) until this news is written.

This is a big and important milestones for SANTI, as a Thermal Oxidizer Supplier (SANTI is an agent of Honeywell UOP Callidus, The TOX and TOH Manufacturer) proofing that SANTI has Capability in Engineering, Operation of The Thermal Oil Heather.

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