SANTI is proud to announce that SANTI is appointed as an authorized representative in Oil, Gas application of Baltur Products in Indonesia.
Since 1950, Baltur S.p.A. has been designing, manufacturing, and assembling state-of-the-art systems for heating, climate control, and industrial process applications. Known initially for its line of industrial burners, the company also offers solutions for other industrial and residential heating and climate control needs. Baltur’s success and longevity stems from its commitment to leveraging new technologies to drive continuous research and development, as well as its focus on developing intelligent systems and innovative products. Today, Baltur develops four different types of products: burners for residential and industrial applications, powered by gas, diesel, fuel oil, and combined sources; heating systems— including boilers for residential use—steel boilers, and highpower thermal modules; air conditioning systems, including coolers, air treatment systems, and fan coil units; and systems based on the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal energy systems and heat pumps.

With the complete range of Burner and suitable with application of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical and meets the environment regulation with very Low Nox technology , SANTI will serve you for Burner requirement supported by one of largest Burner Manufacturer in the World, Baltur SPA, Italy.

Please contact us for your Burner requirement.

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