New & Renewable Energy and Environment Division

SANTI Group Established New & Renewable Energy and Environment Division


Looking at the future trend and business opportunities, SANTI Group has established new division called New & Renewable Energy and Environment (NREE) in January 2021 to promote the business in Green Energy space.

This initiative is in line with the global spirit of COP 21 Paris Agreement and NDC Indonesia regulation No. 16, 2016.

The NREE division shall focus on to reduce CO2 emission technologies development, Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS) development, Waste to Energy, Waste to Chemicals and other Green Energy related initiatives.

SANTI Group is partnered with global leaders in NREE technologies and currently working on market research studies, technology evaluation, local regulation compliance requirement and related investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Currently, we have been studied some clean energies that possible for Indonesia, as follow:

  • Decarbonization Program in Indonesia
    • CCS & CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization Storage)
    • Carbon Trading
    • Carbon Tax Regulation
  • Bioenergy in Indonesia
    • Potency & Challenges
    • Potency Caliandra for Biomass Energy Resources
    • CoFiring Biomass
    • Biofuel Development
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Wind Energy Development in Indonesia

SANTI Group is also partnered with global producers of process equipment, combustion control systems and adsorbents to support Green Energy projects.

SANTI Group is pleased to support and work with overseas companies, local partners and customers who would be interested to further discuss the business opportunities in the area the Green Energy Application in Indonesia.