Jiskoot’s main area of expertise is in liquid and gas hydrocarbon sampling. A sample taken using a proven hydrocarbon sampler, that complies with the ISO 3171,ASTM D 4117, API 8.2, IP 6.2, ISO 8943 (2007) and API 14.1 sampling standarts provides custody transfer or quality measurement that cannot be disputed. Jiskoot has over 25 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of products and systems for crude oil, condesate, refined product, liquefied natural gas (LNG), we gas and multiphase sampling.


Jiskoot is also internationally acknowledged leader in the field of in-line blending system. With Over 40 years experience of blender design Jiskoot can supply solutions ranging from simple ratio control two-stream blenders for fuel and crude oil applications through to large systems wit automatic density or viscosity blend optimisation. Jiskoot is able to provide complete blending solutions from design to start-up and our systems are guaranteed to operate as a totally integrated part of the process plant and reduce operating cost. Jiskoot can design a range of turnkey. Integrated inline blending systems for process liquids including crude oil,LPG,LNG,ethanol and bunker fuel oil.

Multiphase Metering

Jiskoot has over 20 years experience of the design, manufacture and supply of multiphase flow measurement solutions and has a unique approach. We believe that there is no single technology that operates across the whole multiphase envelope and therefore provide high accuracy measurement solutions engineered from the best available tools for specific production applications.


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