Sahabat Nusantara Teknologi Inovasi (SANTI) was established as a Consultant in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. We have been serving numerous reputable Clients in the field.

Growing from a Consultant Company, in 2011 SANTI decided to expand their business to Supply and Services in Oil, Gas Petrochemical. SANTI cooperate with qualified and reputable worldwide class manufacturers both overseas and local.

We had supplies a lot of materials and equipment from consumable and bulk materials to the complicated Engineering Equipments. From the small items to the big size equipments. From days delivery time to the long terms of Design and Fabrication. Even we have supplied the complicated engineering equipments such as Coalescers, Filtration Packages and Produced Water Treatment in 3.5 months from the received of Order.

Having strength in network for sourcing the materials, procurement services and listed in almost all of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical companies, we have been branding and growing as the thrust partner for your requirement of equipments and goods.

SANTI put the first priority to the HSE (Health Safety and Environment) requirement and received the 1st vendor for the Turn Around activities 2013. We will you give the Competitive Price and best solution for your requirements.

We are the Solution Partner.


Become Market leader in specialty product and services in oil & gas and petrochemical sector with strong support from world leading principals in their fields and maximize local contents


  • To establish strong partnership with clients and principals
  • Focus in Indonesia market and develop local capabilities
  • To provide innovative technology solutions for clients
  • Our Expertises

    • Procurement and Trading Companies.
    • Mechanical Static Package: Column, Vessel, Shell and Tube, WHRU, Heat Exchangers.
    • Special and Quick Manual Valves, Controls Valves, Instrument and Electrical Parts.
    • Nitrogen Generator.
    • Instrument Systems.
    • Fire and Gas Detectors.
    • Electrical Parts: Cable Gland, Cabling, VSD, MCC.
    • HVAC System Package.
    • Mechanical Process Package:Refrigeration Unit, Dehydration,Membrane.
    • Water Treatment Systems.
    • Compressor Systems.


    Our Client