Procurement and Engineering Service

Our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry make SANTI GROUP one of the key-players in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants procurement, and our continued work with international blue chip companies is testament to our success in continuously meeting the rigorous purchasing and supply chain demands of the industry.

The vast experience our company and personnel staffs have across the Oil, Gas  and Petrochemical industries make us ideally placed to service the seismic, drilling, production, MRO development, refinery and petro-chemical sectors.

Supported by the networking with the global and big stockists, and manufacturers provides Clients with global resources, processes, systems, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. We offer reliable project prices and deliveries, innovative performance solutions and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, industry-leading technologies and goods and services.

With our experiences, capabilities, Engineering support and the support from our Principals, SANTI capable to provide you for the best support for the below equipments:

  • Acid Gas Removal
  • Membranes
  • Nitrogen removal units (NRU)
  • Nitrogen Generator PSA (Cryogenic Plant)
  • Refrigerant Compressor Package
  • DEW Point Package
  • Filtration and Coalescer Package
  • Air Compressor Package
  • Air Dryer Package
  • TEG Dehydration
  • Mol SieveDehydration Package
  • Amine Sweetening
  • Cryogenic Gas Processing c/w Turbo-Expander Compressors
  • Water Treatment Package
  • Debutanizer Package
  • Treater Package for Inlet Facilities
  • Separation Systems
  • Slug Catchers
  • Two/Three Phase Separators (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • Test and Group Separators
  • Multi-Cyclone Separators
  • H2S Scavenger
  • Crude Stabilization and Vacuum Distillation
  • Joule-Thompson (JT) Valves and Low Temp Separation (LTS)
  • MEG Injection & Regeneration Systems