Water Treatment

Due to growing population and industrialization there is an acute shortage of fresh water. The more man interferes with the natural water cycle, the more difficult it becomes to provide a sufficient supply of quality water. Today this demand can only be met with the help of modern technology.

SANTI Supply and Serices  Working closely with some prominent equipment as well as technology providers and supported by professionals and dedicated engineers, we are able to develop our own water filtration, separation and purification system adapting to the local condition as to meet technology limit in the harmonious balance with environment.

SANTI is the Engineering packager  and Manufacturer of Water Treatment Systems, Water Purification systems, Ro water purification systems, industrial water purification, water purification plant, water treatment equipments,  Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Treatment Chemicals, Water Filtration Systems, Industrial RO Plant, Water Softener, DM Plant Demineralised, Industrial Water Filters, Ultra Filtration System, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plants, , Sea Water RO System, UV Water System etc. having solutions for Industrial, Oil and Gas and Perochemical l as well as Commercial segments in the field of wastewater treatment plant. Our products are precision designed and constructed by our team of experienced engineers using the latest technology and premium grade raw material.