Molecular Sieves and Activated Alumina Adsorbents

Throughout UOP’s history, ongoing commitment to innovation has been UOP trademark, and UOP continue to bring superior value to customers while expanding UOP technical base with strategic alliances, partnerships and acquisitions. With sales, manufacturing and engineering sites in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our refining, petrochemical and gas processing product and service portfolios address the changing demands of customers, growing populations, shifting environments, regulatory compliance challenges and complementary technologies UOP is the largest manufacturer of molecular sieve adsorbents today producing over 140 million pounds annually from our plants worldwide.

UOP offers a variety of formulations and packages, including: pellets, beads, granules and powder. UOP MOLSIV™, TRISIV™, OXYSIV™ and other adsorbents products are chosen by more customers around the world than any other adsorbent products.

When you invest in UOP Adsorbents, you gain more than simply a contaminant removal product. You gain comprehensive team of experts dedicated to designing and producing a custom solution for you. You gain years of industry experience and operating knowledge. You gain unparalleled technical service and, most importantly, the confidence that your valuable operation will run more smoothly and with fewer problems.