Callidus® Environmental and Combustion Technologies

Staged Gas Low NOx Process Burners


• Meets operating performance of traditional staged gas technology

• Flame length comparable to traditional staged gas technology

• Can operate on natural gas to as low as 66% of stoichiometry

• No metallic components exposed to flame


• Refining

• Petrochemical

• Gas Processing



• No steam injection or air assist required

• Additional surface area to increase contact between air and flare gas

• High velocity operation

• Variable exit model has no welds in combustion zone

• Increased mixing efficiency

• Greater steam efficiency for Hemisflare with Steam Assist


• Upstream and midstream processing

Thermal Oxidizer Systems

Honeywell UOP Callidus® Thermal Oxidizer Systems help to efficiently solve your environmental challenges for gas and liquid waste. By evaluating your environmental challenges, we can use our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies to provide custom designed solutions to meet or exceed stringent environmental regulations, including NOx standards.